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We are a science-based supplement company that is passionate about bringing premium supplements to the everyday athlete. Our team is dedicated to developing supplements that are scientifically backed, safe, and effective.

We strive to build an interactive community centered on loyalty and enthusiasm. Our goal is to create a space where individuals can come together and share their passion for going beyond their limits, both in and out of the gym.

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Experience physical, mental, and emotional benefits with our specially formulated pre-workout supplement.

• Intense pump and increased endurance from powerful amino acids
• Sustained energy without crashing
• Mood boosting and hormone balancing with natural herbs and plant extracts

Key Ingredients

30 Servings
Per 1 Scoop Serving:
6.5g L-Citrulline DL-Malate (amino acid): to give an amazing pump.
3.5g Beta-Alanine (amino acid): to increase endurance.
500mg Taurine (amino acid): to reduce chance of injury and improve recovery.
300mg Caffeine: to increase energy and focus.
300mg Rhodiola Rosea (natural herb): to improve mood and prevent burnout.
200mg Mucuna Pruriens (plant extract): to reduce inflammation.

What We Offer

Exclusive Pricing

Wholesale Unit: $25 per unit
Wholesale Case: $300
Case -12 units
Minimum Order: 1 case

Quality Assurance

Our supplements are manufactured in a GMP certified and FDA registered facility, right here in the U.S.A.

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Expect quick order processing with an average lead time of 1-3 business days, or dependent on order volume.

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Writing this as I just hit a new bench PR of 325. I’m feeling freakin awesome. Love this pre and the flavors

Justin W.

My workouts are awesome and I feel great

Ava M.

My MOOD!! I've never felt happier taking a pre workout lol

Nathan S.

Best pump and tastes really good

Danny D.

Really good workouts and the flavors are awesome

Jess G.

Tastes so good and motivates me through my workouts

Mike A.